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Harsh Bhakta

Computer Science Graduate Student
The University of Texas at Dallas (UTD)


I am a developer by heart and learning new technologies to enhance development skills. I like to contribute to the open source community. That's my way of "give back to the society". I am thrilled to work with any new technology. In past, I have work majorly on Android, Ruby on Rails.



Pursuing Master of Science in Computer Science at The University of Texas at Dallas. Under "Intelligent Systems" track, I've completed Artificial Intelligence, Database Management Systems, Discrete Structures. Expected graduation in May 2019.


Completed Bachelor of Engineering (BE) degree in Information Technology (May 2014) from A. D. Patel Institute, Gujarat Technological University.


Country Code Pricker (An Android Library)

An Android library which allows the user to pick a country or country phone code from the inbuilt list. This library supports auto number formatting, auto country detection, 19+ languages, theme customization. It's getting a very positive response from the Android developers' community. It has 60000+ downloads and 18+ contributors.

Android View Binding (AVB) Code Generator

A webtool for efficient Android Developers to generate JAVA binding code right from their layout XML files.

Learnapt (Android)

Android application for the learnapt.com, an awesome tool for learning and teaching using courses and lessons.

G-Thumb (An Android Library)

This android library provides an easy way to create visually appealing thumbnail image views .

Database Engine

This is a project for Database Management course and developed using JAVA. In addition to basic query operations, this engine has following features: - Configurable prompt - Configurable data page size - Extra metadata fields to improve performance - MySQL style column mode for output - Supports multiple name-spaces (databases) - Maintains and uses non-key field indexes (.ndx) to increase efficiency

Library Management System

This is was implemented as the coursework for Database Management course. Library system is fully functional which allows managing books, users, book loans and fines for late returns. This was implemented using Ruby On Rails.

883 Comet Cruiser

This is a prize-winning project in UTD Hackathon (24 hours) for live tracking of college buses.This can help UTD students to track the current location of college buses.


Harsh B. Bhakta
+1 (469) 664 1766